Capcom Not Bringing Resident Evil To Nintendo Switch

"We have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch."

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Capcom has said it is potentially interested in making games for the Nintendo Switch, but it doesn't look like the Resident Evil series is among them, at least not yet.

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Producer Masachika Kawata told Express Online about the Switch, "I think it's a very unique piece of hardware." However, Capcom isn't bringing Resident Evil to Switch now or anytime soon.

"I'm looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself, but we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch," Kawata said (via NeoGAF).

Capcom is among the dozens of development partners for the Switch, so it's possible some Capcom games will come to the console.

Resident Evil 7 launches on January 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It was recently confirmed that it's an Xbox Play Anywhere game for Xbox One and PC.

The next Resident Evil movie, The Final Chapter, meanwhile, comes out on January 27--watch the newest video for it here.

As for the Switch, it comes out on March 3 for $300.

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I am a fan of RE games and have played everyone and I would buy this game on the switch. I do own a PS4 but I am tired of spec gamers trying to force the market based on specs that most people don't use. Nintendo markets to the majority of gamers and third party developers want to not use them because they are not using over priced top of the line specs. I will by ever good game for the switch in support of third party developers and Nintendo because I feel Nintendo is trying to reach all types of gamers.

Avatar image for adrdeju

I'm an adult, I preordered the Switch and don't really care that this is not coming out for the Switch. I have an Xbone and a PS4 and do not plan on getting this game anyways. It just doesn't feel like a Resident Evil game. This reminds me more of Texas Chainsaw Massacre the game.

Avatar image for externalpower43

No plans to bring to the Switch. A phrase that Switch owners should start getting used to.

Avatar image for RS13

@7tizz: Nintendo consoles have had more M-rated games than people think. Gamecube had exclusives on Resident Evil remastered, 0 and (for awhile) RE4 and Killer 7. Wii had exclusives on No More Heroes and Madworld. Wii U had Bayonetta 2. I think the idea that it's a kiddie console has more to do with the sort of gamer that buys Nintendo products than with the games that (don't) come to Nintendo systems. I mean the wii had Manhunt freaking 2!

Avatar image for bobbo888

@RS13: Compared to the other two console makers, Nintendo has far less Mature rated games. This is fact. You named like 4 games that were also on other consoles.

Avatar image for RS13

@bobbo888: Excluding Manhunt 2 every single game I mentioned was either an exclusive or a timed exclusive.

My point was not that Nintendo had as many M-rated games as other consoles, but only that they "have had more M-rated games than people think." The lesson to draw from this is, imo, that "the idea that it's a kiddie console has more to do with the sort of gamer that buys Nintendo products than with the games that (don't) come to Nintendo systems." Nintendo has shown a willingness to bring very adult games to their system. Nintendo fans just aren't interested.

Avatar image for YohanDeEmercer

Don't worry, Resident Evil 4 will surely release on Switch

Avatar image for ryanthegeneral

@YohanDeEmercer: I would hope so!! It originated on Nintendo!

I am more saddened by no mass effect. But seriously- who is getting the switch that doesn't own a PS4 or Xbox one or both?

Avatar image for hardrockr1979

Unfortunately this'll be the trend for yet another Nintendo generation. I love Nintendo and always have, but they can't rely on their laurels regarding new IP''s and all of their software in general.

Nintendo has basically branded itself as a kids console, and their reluctance to make a hardware powerhouse could be the end of Nintendo hardware going forward.

Avatar image for slypher9

@hardrockr1979: bro i bet they'll release ONE new IP, and that's because new IP are un-proven ground and in this day and age of big games being so expensive to develop, i think its safe to say we'll get one new Ip mid cycle of the system..

Avatar image for jone_g2

The world of gamers will divide Zelda, Mario, Metroid, smash, Splatoon, xenoblade and DK fans from battlefield, titanfall, dragon age, mass effect, star wars, need for speed, tomb raider, deus ex, hitman, rainbow six, far cry, assassins creed, watch dogs, the division, for honor, metal gear, tekken, call of duty, overwatch, resident evil, dishonored, mortal kombat, injustice, gta, read dead and others fans. Which team of fans you think is the hugest? the more news come about switch the more I think it can be the last nintendo's console. Unless thirdies buy the idea to develop for switch using their tecnologies like joy cons and others few thinks. But I wouldn't wait for this.

Avatar image for moonco

Capcom will eventually reconsider when the Switch starts outselling PS4 and X1 by a 10:1 margin

Avatar image for bobbo888

@Moonco: won't. Maybe for like a couple months.

Avatar image for RoachRush

@Moonco: That's kind of what they did with Resident Evil 4 when it was a Gamecube exclusive. Unfortunately, PS2s were being sold in droves and the fanboys whined VERY HARD to get a port on their console.

Avatar image for moonco

@RoachRush: Yeah, RE4 was part of the Capcom Five. Relations between Nintendo and Capcom have been sour ever since Killer 7, RE4 and Viewtiful Joe were ported to PS2

Avatar image for gamingguytyler

Hey, at least it isn't like Ubisoft bringing ZombiU to the system.

Avatar image for fanboyman

Bring Resident Evil 2 HD remastered and possibly a few other RE games to Switch, that's good enough for me : )

Avatar image for snaketus

@fanboyman: It will be remake, not a HD remaster and most likely will not be on Bitch, sorry, on Switch.

Avatar image for noshotskill

The reality is this game was in development long before any Switch dev kit was available. Plus, you have to factor in porting the game to a new console and optimizing it takes time. Basically, Capcom would only be able to release it on Switch long after it was released on the other platforms. Who knows, maybe the Switch will get a great remake or tweaked RE that is designed to take advantage of the portable features.

Avatar image for RoachRush

@noshotskill: Finally, someone with a brain is posting.

Avatar image for snaketus

@RoachRush: No. Sounds more like blind fanboy.

Avatar image for gothsalvation

@snaketus: Logic and actual thinking = blind fanboy? I don't know if you're trolling or just plain retarded.

Avatar image for adrdeju

@gothsalvation: yeah, he's definitely a trolling retard.

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

Of course, predictable!

Nintendo is not in the "horror/survival" market whatsoever and it's the graphics/scenery that is meant to make the new RE a masterpiece.

Having to downsample the thing too much would ruin it quite a bit!

Besides, who would buy a Nintendo console hoping for these kind of games!

Even the N64 had a hard time with Resident Evils... xD

Avatar image for RoachRush

@silv3rst0rm: Someone here doesn't realize that Resident Evil 4 (the most critically acclaimed in the series) was a Gamecube exclusive, then was poorly ported to the PS2 due to widespread crying and sulking from Sony fans.

Ignorance must be bliss...

Avatar image for snaketus

@RoachRush: Too bad the fans of the series were on the PS2 instead of GC and RE4 is one of the most overrated games ever anyway.

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

@RoachRush: Aye, you got me on that one!

And they STARTED the RE remaster trends on Gamecube too... I do remember that.

But who here ever bought a Nintendo console FOR these kind of games, there's my point!

You don't buy nintendo hardware EXPECTING heavy action/horror softwares in masses!

Avatar image for inkman66

Who cares ?!?!?! Who needs Resident Evil with games like 1-2-Switch ?????

Avatar image for meta_sentinel

It's rather unfortunate but Nintendo Switch fans will have to get used to news such as this.

Avatar image for Mogan

@meta_sentinel: I suspect most of them will simply buy these games on one of the systems they already own.

Avatar image for master_49

@Chernnunos: True, but I would like to see Nintendo Switch releases to let me play these games 'on the go'. I want a portable gaming system more powerful than new 3DS XL and PS Vita with good third-party support (looking for WWE 2K18, NHL 18, CoD: Infinite Warfare, etc). I am sure this would make devs some money, and make the Switch a more desirable release target.

I have PS3/PS4+Vita but remote play requires a persistent wireless connection to the internet on the client side. Also - not all games have this feature enabled.

Avatar image for sonypony4eva

The Wii-U jr. is dead on arrival. A Zelda game and a Street Fighter 2 game that was ripped from Xbox Live for the 360. Well worth $300 *Sarcasm*

Avatar image for inkman66

@sonypony4eva I have to agree. I cant remember a console getting such negative reviews. Sad.

Avatar image for InYourMouf

Well duh. It wouldn't be able to run on that toaster.

Avatar image for TashunkoSapa

Forget about current gen AAA games on Switch.

Unless it is something with heavily stylized looks with cheap shaders + conservative approach towards AI and physics, it won't run on Switch. But then again, that probably wouldn't be an AAA-budget game.

Avatar image for shannybaybay

Understandable. But it's still kinda sad that resident evil games don't really release on Nintendo systems anymore. The resident evil remake back on the GameCube took that game to another level. It's still my favourite resident evil game. Other than that I think the last resi game I played on a Nintendo was resident evil on the 3DS. Was epic playing that on a handheld

Avatar image for snaketus

@shannybaybay: I like the original better. Remake to me is like Star Wars special editions. Looks nice, but changes and adds too many things.

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

The only company who is sad, surely isn't Nintendo but capcom.

The architecture and getting their products on switch.

They love money.

Avatar image for alien-ouy


Avatar image for Pelezinho777

I wonder why not...