Capcom enters Phoenix Wright into evidence

Publisher's DS lawyer sim arrives in retail along with PS2 hack-and-slash action title Devil Kings.


Action and horror movies long ago made the jump to interactive entertainment, but they are joined today by another staple of the cineplex, the courtroom drama. As a matter of fact, Capcom has all three of those bases covered with its two new releases, the DS legal adventure Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and the sinister PlayStation 2 hack-and-slasher Devil Kings.

Phoenix Wright is the first of Capcom's Japanese Gyakuten Saiban courtroom battle series to make it to American shores, and it casts players as the titular defense attorney. Over the course of the game's five cases, players will investigate crime scenes and defend clients in court. With the help of his legal mentor and a young psychic, Wright will have to go head-to-head with the hotshot prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, an adversary who has never lost a case.

In Devil Kings, players must wade through legions of enemy soldiers with swords and shotguns as a king who sells his soul in a bid for world domination. Taking a number of cues from Koei's Dynasty Warriors series, Devil Kings keeps the epic combat, but ditches the feudal China setting of that series for a fictionalized version of feudal Japan. Players can go through a story mode with the goal of uniting various factions under their tyrannical rule, or just fire up a free battle and crack some skulls for the sake of cracking skulls.

Both games are rated T for Teen. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney retails for $29.99, while Devil Kings goes for $39.99. GameSpot has already issued a verdict on Phoenix Wright, but check back later today for the final judgment on Devil Kings.

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