Capcom considers Devil May Cry soundtrack

Game-products Web site strikes deal with publisher to release four-CD score--if 1,000 people commit to preorders.


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TOKYO--Even though the Devil May Cry series has become one of the biggest titles for Capcom, the game has yet to see a soundtrack release. That may now change. Japanese game-products company has persuaded Capcom to release soundtracks for both games in the Devil May Cry series, provided that there is sufficient proof of demand for the product.

Capcom has agreed to publish the Devil May Cry soundtrack if 1,000 people agree to preorder the product. Although there were 768 counts of preorders still required as of press time, the details for the Devil May Cry CD have already been revealed. The 7,980 yen ($72) set will consist of 73 tracks on two discs for the first Devil May Cry and 51 tracks on two discs for Devil May Cry 2. The first shipment of the CDs will come with a revamped edition of the Devil May Cry comic book, which is published in North America.

Assuming the CDs are actually released, the only way to get them will apparently be through the Web site, even though the soundtrack would be released by Capcom under its own Suleputer label. Fans of the Devil May Cry series may be interested to know that this Web site also offers three DVDs based on the series, two of which were released by the now-bankrupt Square subsidiary Digicube.

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