Call Of Duty's Press "F To Pay Respects" Meme Gets A Nod In MW3 Zombies

The meme lives on in Modern Warfare 3's Zombies.


Modern Warfare 3's Zombies mode is filled with plenty of secrets to uncover, including one that features a throwback to one of Call of Duty's greatest memes. Players have quickly discovered a location on the Urzikstan map that features a grave where you can "Press F To Pay Respects."

This gravesite is a throwback to 2014's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, where players are granted an odd interaction during a funeral cutscene, allowing them to pay respects by pressing a button to touch a soldier's coffin.

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As shown in the video shared by Reddit user Disastrous-Ad-9084, the burial site can be found just southwest of Old Town at the top of the castle in the map's highest threat zone. The grave is marked by a collection of weapons sticking out of the ground.

Of course, those who "Press F To Pay Respects" in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies will want to be careful. This secret interaction will strip all the upgrades off the weapon they have actively in their hands. It will reward them with weapon upgrade items they can use immediately or choose to save for their next match, but unfortunately it will leave them temporarily at a disadvantage.

The Tier 3 threat zone is brutal, so players will want to be very careful and fully geared up when stopping by to pay their respects. This is a nice nod to an undying meme, and it can also provide helpful materials to save for a later match.

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