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Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile Launch Event Details Free Ghost Operator Skin And More

The Operation: Day Zero event will follow the launch of Warzone Mobile.


Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile releases later this week, and Activision has revealed a new launch trailer and blog details for the upcoming Operation: Day Zero celebration event. Here we highlight all details about the new event and rewards.

Warzone Mobile brings back Call of Duty's classic battle royale maps Verdansk and Rebirth Island with the worldwide launch on March 21. Following the game's release, the Operation: Day Zero event will go live on March 22, allowing players to earn both individual and community rewards.

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Operation: Day Zero is a launch event with rewards that can be earned by completing challenges within Warzone Mobile. However, all of these event rewards will also be available to use across Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone as Warzone Mobile supports cross-progression.

This event features a total of six contested map zones, with five zones for Verdansk and one zone encompassing the entirety of Rebirth Island. Players who complete certain actions within the corresponding zones will earn event points.

Actions that award points in these contested zones include things like opening supply boxes, eliminating players, completing a contract, using a killstreak, getting headshots, and purchasing items from Buy Stations. These event points count toward individual rewards and also work to unlock community-based rewards.

Community rewards for Operation: Day Zero include:

  • Gilded Devil King - Large decal: Clear Zone 1
  • Scorched Beginnings - Animated calling card: Clear Zone 2
  • Golden Blaze - Emblem: Clear Zone 3
  • Golden Flame - X12 weapon blueprint: Clear Zone 4
  • Heavy Thunder - M4 weapon blueprint: Clear Zone 5
  • Golden Phantom - Ghost operator skin: Clear Zone 6

Individual rewards for Operation: Day Zero include:

  • Crimson Blaze - Emblem
  • Nightmare Rift - Calling card
  • Forsaken Past - Emblem
  • Tearing Me Apart - Sticker
  • Demon's Claw”- Combat knife weapon blueprint
  • Last Word - Weapon charm
  • Hell Scrapper - LTV vehicle skin
  • Nightmare Inferno - Large decal
  • Crimson Prince - X12 weapon blueprint
  • Vengeful Devil King - Large decal
  • Raging Blaze - M4 weapon blueprint
  • Bloody Reaper - Ghost operator skin

All Operation: Day Zero rewards can be claimed in the Warzone Mobile event store up until April 3rd at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.

In other Warzone Mobile news, Activision has announced controller support and revealed that Backbone is the "official controller partner" for the mobile game.

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