Call Of Duty: Warzone Adding 200-Player Mode In Big Modern Warfare Update

A new "Season 4 Reloaded" update will add a limited-time increase to the battle royale player count, along with a bunch of other additions.


Call of Duty: Warzone is about to get a lot bigger. The official Call of Duty Twitter account teased an increase to 200 players, a major increase from its current 150 player maximum, as part of the "Season 4 Reloaded" update. [Update: The full June 29 patch notes for Modern Warfare/Warzone are out now, detailing what else has come to the games alongside the 200-player Warzone playlist.]

The update will be available at 11 PM PT on June 29. The new limited-time 200-player battle royale was detailed in a new season roadmap. The update will be 22GB-30GB for Warzone standalone players, and 22-36GB for Modern Warfare players. Once the update is installed, it will "minimally increase" the total footprint of Modern Warfare, and slightly decrease the total footprint of standalone Warzone.

200-Player Quads

The update adds 200-player Quads in the Warzone battle royale, which means 50 teams of four battling for survival. It's a limited-time mode, but no announcement has been made regarding when we should expect it to end.

Supply Runs And Juggernauts

The update will also introduce Supply Run Contracts, which will drop in the midst of a match. If you get one, rush to a Buy Station within the time limit to get a discount on your purchases. It also brings Juggernaut Royale mode, which will drop care packages that allow you to become the Juggernaut with a mini-gun. Once one Juggernaut falls and gets sent to the gulag, another care package will drop so someone else can take the mantle.

New gear in this update includes the Rytec AMR sniper rifle and a Spotter Scope. The new sniper rifle is a .50 caliber-chambered weapon with long range, while the spotter scope allows you to scan ahead without the glint of a high-powered marksman scope giving away your location.

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New Multiplayer Map And Mode

For those playing the Modern Warfare version of the game, the standard multiplayer also gets a new map. Cheshire Park is a garden and conservatory in London, England filled with townhomes and side streets to create unique sightlines.

Multiplayer also gets a new Team Defender mode. The variant on Capture The Flag puts a team member in charge of carrying the flag, awarding points for each second they successfully hold onto it. Teammates will have to defend their carrier, while also attacking the other team's carrier.

Warzone Starter Pack

If you're just starting to dip into Warzone and want a boost, the update also adds a new starter pack. For $5 you get a legendary "Amalgum" shotgun blueprint, an Epic Krueger Alchemist skin, a Breathing Easy calling card, Vulture Culture emblem, tokens for an hour of double Battle Pass XP and Double Weapon XP, and 500 COD Points.

Activision has suggested that Warzone will continue well into the future of Call of Duty, including continuing to be developed as a standalone game that incorporates elements from the annual campaign releases. Rumors have been circulating that this year's Call of Duty will be a new Black Ops game themed after the Cold War, which means we could see matching updates hitting Warzone in the fall.

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