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Call Of Duty Season 1 Reloaded Brings Attack On Titan To Vanguard And Warzone

Attack on Titan DLC will arrive with Call of Duty's mid-season update for Vanguard and Warzone.


Call of Duty Season 1 Reloaded is set to bring new DLC to Vanguard and Warzone, including a new submachine gun to unlock and DLC from the iconic manga series Attack on Titan. This midseason update releases for Vanguard at 9 PM PT January 11 and 12 AM ET on January 12. Warzone will get a later update on Jan 12 at 9 PM PT / Jan 13 at 12 AM ET.

Attack On Titan DLC

Attack on Titan Levi bundle
Attack on Titan Levi bundle

Attack on Titan fans can purchase cosmetic bundles to become a Survey Corps member through the Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan Levi edition bundle. This will be a 10-item store bundle, which includes the "Titan Piercer'' weapon blueprint that models the blade for slaying Titans.

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While any operator can use the weapons and finishing move, the Levi skin is exclusive for the operator Daniel. Also available in Levi's bundle is the legendary "Steel Cut" finishing move, as well as the Vanguard-exclusive "Vertical Maneuver" highlight intro and the "Ultrahard Steel" MVP highlight. The other two weapons in the Levi bundle are the Legendary "Historia" submachine gun and "Ymir Curse" assault rifle weapon blueprints.

This collaboration will officially become available on January 20, approximately one week after a mid-season update for Vanguard and Warzone.

New Vanguard operator


Vanguard is also adding a new operator to multiplayer and Warzone with the introduction of Isabella, who will be the final operator on Task Force 006 Trident to arrive before the end of Season 1. Isabella is unlocked by purchasing her Wild Rose operator bundle, which also includes two legendary weapon blueprints.

New submachine gun

Welgun submachine gun
Welgun submachine gun

The Welgun submachine gun will become available to everyone to unlock in Season 1 Reloaded. Like past mid-season weapons, the Welgun will be available either through an unlock challenge for free or with purchase of a store bundle.

Additionally, Activision says the developers for both Vanguard and Warzone are committed to supporting the games during Season 1 and beyond. They are actively listening to concerns, bugs, and requested features from the community. Patch notes for specific changes to Vanguard and Warzone should also be coming prior to the updates.

Call of Duty Season 1 Reloaded will arrive as walkouts continue in protest of surprise contract terminations within Raven Software's QA team. Activision Blizzard faces lawsuits and other investigations related to alleged sexual harassment and discrimination against women.

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