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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - How To Level Rank And Weapons Fast

Leveling up can be a time-consuming grind in Call of Duty, but here are some tips to rank up and level weapons fast in MW3.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches with an all-new arsenal of weapons to choose from, and you'll likely want to rank up and start leveling your weapons fast. Just like Modern Warfare 2, weapons need to be leveled up to not only get the best attachments and unlock camos, but also because the game's weapons progression system locks many weapons behind the required use of other guns. Here we'll list some tips for the fastest ways to level up your weapons and player rank in Modern Warfare 3.

Ranking up

Play objective modes

Team Deathmatch is a common game mode in Call of Duty, but it doesn't reward you with a lot of XP. You want to choose objective modes, such as Kill Confirmed, Domination, Hardpoint, Ground War, and make sure you actually play the objective.

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Additionally, playing the objective of the mode is also beneficial because you earn an XP match bonus if you win.

Complete daily challenges

Modern Warfare 3 includes daily objectives that you can complete to earn some extra XP. These daily challenges are usually quite easy to complete, such as getting kills with specific weapon types or equipment, so make sure you check them every day.

These are easily found on the daily challenges tab shown on the left side of the lobby screen, and completing each one will earn you an additional 2,500 XP per challenge.

Complete weapon and barracks challenges

Call of Duty games usually launch with a host of challenges to complete, including things like weapon challenges for camo unlocks. Camo challenges are always a great XP boost, so check to see what each camo requires so you can make sure you're working towards completing those quickly. These are usually things like getting a specific amount of longshots or headshots with a specific gun.

Make use of double XP

While double XP tokens probably won't be plentiful at launch of the new game, most Call of Duty releases usually offer some double XP promos with brands like Doritos and Monster Energy. They are also often offered as Twitch Drop rewards for watching official Call of Duty streams for Warzone tournaments or the CDL pro events.

These tokens are great for getting an XP boost, but just make sure you only activate them at the very start of your match as the timer counts down whether you're in-game or not. There's no way to pause the time.

Weapon leveling

Make use of double XP

A really helpful way to grind weapon XP is by utilizing any double weapon XP tokens you might've acquired. Again, these are going to be scarce at launch, but there will likely be some promos offering weapon XP tokens.

Play respawn modes

You rank up your weapons simply by using them and getting kills, so the playlist you choose is important here. You don't want to pick a non-respawn mode like Search and Destroy, because this doesn't offer as much opportunity to get kills and level up guns. You also earn weapon XP by playing the objective, so stick with game modes that offer more than Team Deathmatch.

Overall, the best playlist to rank up guns is Ground War. There are several Domination-style points to capture on the map, and you'll be constantly battling the opposing team for control of them. So, just keep capturing and clearing points to earn more of that sweet XP.

Make a few loadout options

Sticking with one or two weapons is usually the best method for making progress faster when leveling guns. However, I think it's helpful to have a few loadouts set up for the grind. Not every mode or map layout is going to be the most optimal for every weapon. The Ground War maps are great for snipers, battle rifles, and rocket launchers, and a tiny map like Rust is going to be better for shotguns, pistols, and submachine guns. So, pick a long-range and close-range option and focus on those few guns first.

Make sure to check out our full recommended settings guide for Modern Warfare 3 on console, which will help you across the campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies.

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