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Call Of Duty Mobile "Steel Legion" Update Now Live

Season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile includes tons of Black Ops references and characters, along with new weapons and more.


Call of Duty Mobile imitates the style of its PC and console counterparts, right down to issuing regular content updates as a live game. The latest season is Steel Legion, introducing new game modes, a new map, and some fan-favorite characters.

A limited-time 2v2 Showdown mode pits you and a partner against another squad of two with single elimination rules and random loadouts that change every two matches. The first pair to win six matches wins the round. If no one pulls that off, you go into an overtime capture-the-flag mode. The update reintroduces the 20v20 Battle Royale mode, but now you can play in first-person perspective. Battle Royale also adds two new weapons, the HS2126 shotgun and UL736 LMG.

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You'll also be able to unlock two characters from the Black Ops series, David "Section" Mason and the war robot Reaper. Those are each available through the Battle Pass, which also includes a new RC Shock killstreak. Finally, the update adds the Black Ops 2 map Meltdown.

This follows just after the surprise-launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered on PS4. Though various leaks gave away the secret ahead of time, its exact launch date was unannounced until it was suddenly available on the PlayStation Store. It's the campaign only, without multiplayer, and it's a PS4-exclusive until April 30. At that point it will also come to PC and Xbox One.

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