Call of Duty Elite Xbox 360 beta goes live

Activision flips the switch on invite-only trial of military shooter series' upcoming subscription-based, community-driven service.


Activision has deemed a chosen few to be worthy of the adjective "Elite," as the publisher today said it has launched the invite-only Xbox 360 beta for the upcoming Call of Duty Elite subscription service.

The few. The proud. The beta invitees.
The few. The proud. The beta invitees.

The beta test will initially start with a limited number of users trying out a handful of the service's features, such as stat tracking, custom player groups, and video sharing. However, Activision plans to expand the beta testing pool in staggered waves, increasing the available functionality as it goes.

Call of Duty Elite--which will be free for all, but also has paid components--was met with some confusion when it was announced. This led the megapublisher to release a FAQ detailing the free components of the service. Unfortunately, because some of the features relate to Modern Warfare 3, Activision has not yet announced what will be offered as part of its premium paid component--believed to cost around $8 a month.

One of the paid services, however, is known. Activision is planning a live-action video series that will leverage "top Hollywood talent" and is "dedicated to the Call of Duty community."

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