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Call Of Duty Crossover With Warhammer 40,000 Is Confirmed

The Space Marines are coming to Call of Duty: MW3 and Warzone.


Activision has officially confirmed the previously leaked Call of Duty crossover with Warhammer 40,000, which is bringing new operator skins to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

In a brief video teaser, Call of Duty announced Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, and Astra Militarum skins inspired by the Warhammer 40,000 universe. An official release date wasn't provided with the teaser, so this crossover could happen during the upcoming Season 2 Reloaded update, or it might be saved for sometime in Season 3.

The initial leak also detailed a potential event themed around Warhammer 40,000. While not confirmed yet, this would fall in line with previous IP crossovers such as The Boys, Dune, and the currently live event for The Walking Dead.

Here is everything announced for Season 2 Reloaded so far, including two weapons, additional multiplayer maps, new Zombies content, and more Warzone features.

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