Call of Duty and Destiny can "peacefully coexist" says Activision

Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg downplays possibility of one franchise cutting into sales potential for the other.


Activision's behemoth shooter franchise Call of Duty and newcomer Destiny can "peacefully coexist," according to Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg. Speaking with IGN, the executive explained that the audiences for both games are different.

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"They're very different games made by very different creative visionaries. I think that they can peacefully coexist with one another," Hirshberg said. "I think that what Call of Duty has done, it's done better than anybody. The multiplayer is a visceral, impactful, white-knuckle-ride experience."

"What Bungie has done, they have done better than anyone as well. The first-person shooter genre has shown tremendous staying power, as well as tremendous capacity in terms of the appetite people have for it," he added. "I think what we've seen is that if there are good games in this genre, people will show up to play them. But if you have to compete, it’s nice to compete with yourself."

Call of Duty: Ghosts launches this November, while Destiny is in a pre-alpha state of development and is expected to launch sometime in 2014.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hirshberg explained that Activision has made a "sizeable investment" in Bungie and Destiny, one that represents one of the "biggest investments in a new IP that's ever been made in the industry."

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