Buy This $100 Ticket, and You Can See Spectre as Much as You Want

And get your hands on a collectible ticket.


Movie theater company Regal Entertainment is now selling a special, $100 ticket that allows buyers to see Spectre in theaters as many times as they want.

The Regal Ultimate Ticket, as it's called, lets you see the upcoming James Bond movie once a day in Regal theaters for its entire run. The ticket itself is a collectible steel card with the SPECTRE symbol (and, unfortunately, "Regal Ultimate Ticket") laser etched into it. It'll also be personalized with your name.

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Only 1,000 of these tickets are available, and they can't be transferred to someone else after being purchased. Each costs $100 (plus shipping) and will ship in 4-6 weeks, ahead of Spectre's opening in North America on November 6. You can order one here.

"It's for the ultimate fan," Regal marketing boss Ken Thewes told the Los Angeles Times. "It just gives them something they feel is cool and gives them a little status because it allows them to step into the theater whenever they want to watch the movie."

"I don't think anybody's fooling themselves that this is going to make Spectre's' numbers any bigger than they are--but we're trying to give our moviegoers a different experience... we want to try new things," he said.

Thewes also indicated this model could be used again in the future if it proves to be a success.

Just in terms of sheer money, even with the price of a movie ticket being so high, you'd need to go quite a few times in order for this to pay off. Of course, your regular ticket won't look quite as cool, though whether that justifies the cost is a whole different matter.

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