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Bungie Speaks Out In Support Of Roe v. Wade

The studio has issued a statement responding to the Supreme Court's leaked draft decision to overthrow the landmark case.

Bungie, the studio behind Destiny 2, has spoken out against a leaked draft of a Supreme Court decision indicating the Court's intention to overturn Roe v. Wade, endangering the legality of abortions in America.

The post on Bungie's site reads, "At Bungie we believe that everyone has a right to choose their own path and that freedom is expressed across all facets of life. The leaked draft decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade represents a blow to freedom in America and is a direct attack on human rights."

The post continues, saying, "Standing up for reproductive choice and liberty is not a difficult decision to make, and Bungie remains dedicated to upholding these values." At the end, Bungie lists a number of pro-coice organizations, including URGE (Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity) and NARAL Pro-Choice America, and encourages its audience to lend them support.

Roe v. Wade, a 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision which established that the US Constitution guarantees the right to a safe and legal abortion, has recently come under scrutiny by the Supreme Court. If the ruling were overturned, federal protections for abortion would no longer exist, making the legality of it a choice made at the state level--which would, in turn, lead to it being outlawed in a number of states.

This isn't the only recent instance of Bungie speaking out on social or political issues. In March, Bungie expressed solidarity with Ukraine in light of Russia's invasion, and has previously supported Black Lives Matter.

While Bungie's support for Roe v. Wade was praised by many, some fans of the company took to Bungie's Twitter post to deride the decision, demanding that it either stay quiet on politics or stick to making games. Bungie, however, has remained firm in its stance.

In other news, Bungie recently announced that the company intends to remain remote, transitioning to a "digital-first" workplace. It currently offers the ability to work from Washington, California, Oregon, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, with eligibility in more states supposedly coming soon.

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