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Buka Shows a New Echelon on the PC

The graphically intensive air combat game takes flight sims to a new level.


Russian computer-game publisher and developer Buka Entertainment showed a playable version of its forthcoming futuristic flight sim, Echelon, at the Milia trade show. The game features impressive 3D graphics and a unique visual design, and it appears to be intended to appeal to fans of both flight simulation and space-combat simulation.

In addition to piloting several types of hi-tech jet fighters, you will also rise in rank over the course of Echelon, and as you do you will need to manage wingmen. This increasing responsibility suggests that Echelon will have gameplay reminiscent of such action-strategy hybrids as Uprising and Battlezone, except Echelon will take place in the sky as opposed to on the ground. Echelon will feature more than 100 air, ground, and sea vehicles and a nonlinear campaign structure. It will also offer a full set of multiplayer features.

Buka will publish Echelon throughout Europe, while Bethesda will have the publishing and distribution rights for the United States. Echelon is scheduled to ship later this year. Buka has provided ten screenshots that show off the game's impressive graphics.

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