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Bugsnax: How To Start The Isle Of Bigsnax DLC

Make your way to an island of giant snack creatures.


It may have taken a little time for Bugsnax to receive its Isle of Bigsnax DLC, but it has arrived completely free on every platform with a variety of new things to do. Not only does the update bring new mechanics to the game, such as a mail system and a house to build up and stock full of items, but it also provides an entirely new biome to explore.

The Isle of Bigsnax comes packed with another 3-5 hours worth of catching the eponymous food creatures on a large island off the coast of Shimmering Springs, but getting there to partake in it all requires a few steps. Not to worry, though, as we've got you covered on how to make that happen. Read on to ensure you know how to get started on your expedition to the island.

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How to reach the Isle of Bigsnax

Reaching the Isle of Bigsnax will require you to have made some decent progress in the main game's story. Let's take a look at the two options you may encounter.

If you've already beaten the game, you'll simply need to open the game, continue your save file, and make a trip to Snaxburg via fast travel. Look around for Snorpy and talk to him, at which point he'll inform you that he needs your help with a task of great importance. Thus begins the new questline that sends you to the Isle of Bigsnax.

If you're just starting the game for the first time, you'll need to progress through the main story a bit and complete the side quests for lovable snack buddies Snorpy and Chandlo. Once you've knocked those out, you can seek out Snorpy and find that his new dialogue leads you to accept a quest to uncover the secrets of the Isle of Bigsnax--so on you go!

For more on Bugsnax's new DLC, check out our Isle of Bigsnax review and read about how to find its best-hidden location for a cool secret.

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