Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Andy Samberg Says Cast And Crew Are "Rethinking" The Next Season

Season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently being planned, and Samberg has talked about the difficulties of making "a comedy show about police" right now.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return to NBC for Season 8 at some point, but the show faces a difficult path going forward. It was recently reported that the four scripts produced so far were scrapped following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other innocent victims by police in the US. With calls to defund the current police administration amid multiple instances of police brutality, many will struggle to find police on television likable or funny.

With this in mind, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg has told People that the show's writing staff are working hard to figure out the right thing to do with the next season of the show.

"We're taking a step back, and the writers are all rethinking how we're going to move forward, as well as the cast," Samberg told People. "We're all in touch and kind of discussing how you make a comedy show about police right now, and if we can find a way of doing that that we all feel morally okay about."

While this statement makes it sound like there's some question of whether the show will return at all, Samberg remains confident. "I know that we'll figure it out, but it's definitely a challenge," he says.

While the main characters of the show are generally likable, crooked cops and a corrupt system are often the show's villains, and Captain Raymond Holt--played by Andre Braugher--frequently discusses the discrimination his character has faced as a gay Black man in the NYPD. But this does not make it, necessarily, easier for many viewers to see the police force presented as heroic.

The show's cast, alongside showrunner Dan Goor, made a $100,000 donation to the National Bail Fund Network in June.

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