Broken Destiny 2 Lightfall Farm Lets You Open Same Chest Three Times, Will Likely Be Nerfed Soon

An unintended duplicate chest trick in Destiny 2 Lightfall has players grinding out tons of reputation and weapons.


Farms and exploits are nothing new in the world of online games like Destiny 2, and Lightfall is no exception. As revealed in a video from YouTuber Fallout Plays, Destiny 2 Lightfall has a farming trick that allows players to open a chest at least three times for completing just one activity, and it's likely that the trick isn't long for this world.

As the above video shows, the farm gives you Neomuna reputation, weapons drops, crafted weapon progress, and more. The trick involves going to Neptune and loading into a zone where the public event Terminal Overload is happening. Once you load in, you should look for a Terminal Overload activity that's approaching its conclusion.

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You should then kill the boss, open the two chests, ride your Sparrow into a new area, and then come back. If you do it fast enough, you can open the same free chest three times. Some commenters on the video suggest that you can open it four times with the right route, so it's worth experimenting with to maximize your returns. Given that this farm lets you triple or quadruple-dip the same chest, don't be surprised if it gets nerfed by Bungie soon.

In other Destiny 2 news, Lightfall players literally glow when they rank up in the new expansion. If you're having trouble with Lightfall's Legendary campaign, check out our guide. A recent Lightfall patch added a ton of new things to the game, particularly its difficulty system.

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