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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's Next DLC Launches This Month

"Who doesn't want more Claptrap? Seriously."

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Today during the "Inside Gearbox Software" panel at PAX East 2015, the developer officially announced "Claptastic Voyage," the fourth and final add-on for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

"Who doesn't want more Claptrap? Seriously," Gearbox said during the presentation, adding that the DLC lets players go into Claptrap's mind.

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The expansion bridges the gap between The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2. It lets players experience Claptrap's hopes, dreams, fear, and stupidity, Gearbox explained. It will be available through the $30 Pre-Sequel DLC pass, which also comes with three other expansions.

Here's how Gearbox sets up the story for Claptastic Voyage: "Handsome Jack has found something ludicrously powerful inside Claptrap's mind and has digitized the Vault Hunters to go in and get it."

Claptastic Voyage also packs in a new customizable arena that lets players choose a gravity setting and enemy difficulty, among other things. It also comes with a new "glitched weapons system" and "many more fun surprises for you to discover," Gearbox says.

In addition to the new content, Claptastic Voyage includes the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, which increases the game's level cap to 70 and introduces 10 new skill points to earn.

Claptastic Voyage launches March 24, the same day that Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The DLC will also be available in that game from day one.

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