Borderlands DLC, Matt Hazard hit PSN

PlayStation Store Update: Second add-on for Gearbox shooter and side-scrolling parody prequel lead the week on Sony's online storefront.


The changing of the decade has a lot of people looking to the future, but Sony's first weekly update to the PlayStation Network storefront has one foot squarely in the past. This week's slate of new releases is spearheaded by an update to one of last year's most successful first-person shooters and a decidedly retro side-scrolling action game.

Mad Moxxi's Underdome is a lot like Mad Max's Thunderdome, but with fewer rules.
Mad Moxxi's Underdome is a lot like Mad Max's Thunderdome, but with fewer rules.

Gearbox's Borderlands received its second add-on this week, as the $9.99 Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot adds an arena mode to the postapocalyptic first-person shooter. Available for both single-player and cooperative action, Riot Mode features three arenas in which gamers face off against increasingly frenetic waves of enemies. The add-on pack also introduces a new bank mechanic for storing found objects, as well as the opportunity to acquire two new skill points as quest rewards.

As for full game releases, PlayStation 3 owners can now download Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond for $14.99. A side-scrolling prequel to last February's Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, Blood Bath is billed as an homage to games of years past, with nods to a wide swath of games, from Pokemon to Mirror's Edge.

Also of note for PS3 owners is the free demo of Airtight Games' upcoming jetpack shooter Dark Void. The sampler offers a single level of the Capcom-published action adventure, in which an ace pilot manages to step into an alternate dimension

Over on the PSP, Sony has bundled together the recent assortment of Pinball Heroes tables based on its first-party franchises. For $9.99, gamers can get virtual pinball tables based on Uncharted, High Velocity Bowling, Pain, and Hot Shots Golf. Also new to the store are a pair of Hudson efforts from early 2008 available for $11.99 each: Bomberman Land and Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, and add-on content, is available on the official PlayStation Blog.

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