Borderlands Claptrap DLC, EA Sports MMA demo slam XBLA

Xbox Live Update: Virtual marketplace adds latest expansion pack to shoot-and-loot sci-fi game, sampler for mixed martial arts fighting game.


EA Sports MMA

No Caption Provided Robots and pugilism are this week’s Xbox Live marketplace themes. Gamers can download and play though a robot revolution in the latest content expansion pack for Borderlands and try their hand at EA Sports’ hand-to-hand fighting game with new content added to Xbox Live today.

Announced in early August, Borderlands' Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution (800 Microsoft points; $10) content adds multiple new missions and enemies--including Claptrap-ified monsters--to shoot and loot, as well as new boss battles. Additionally, the content lets gamers earn an additional two skill points (for a total of 61 possible points) and three supplementary backpack slots for holstering more weapons.

Gearbox gives fans another reason to return to Pandora with fresh DLC.
Gearbox gives fans another reason to return to Pandora with fresh DLC.

This fourth downloadable expansion follows previously released Borderlands content Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

Would-be purchasers should know that Borderlands is mapping out a Game of the Year Edition on October 12, which will include all previously released downloadable content for $59.99.

Switching to the demo front, a sampler for EA Sports MMA is now available to download. The trial gives players a first glimpse and feel for EA's competing brand to THQ’s popular--but uncertain--UFC series.

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