Bonus mission for Armed and Dangerous

The first bonus mission for LucasArts' humorous third-person shooter is now available for download on Xbox Live.


Armed and Dangerous

LucasArts and Planet Moon Studios have today released the first bonus mission for the Xbox version of Armed and Dangerous. The Summer Home mission, which is available for free download on Xbox Live, will see players battling to prevent the king's troops from destroying Lily's idyllic hilltop summer retreat.

Armed and Dangerous is a humorous third-person shooter in which players assume control of a band of thieves composed of a bandit named Roman; a mole named Jonesy, who is a demolitions expert; a tea-drinking robot named Q; and a telekinetic blind man named Rexus. For more information on Armed and Dangerous, which has been available in North America since December, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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