Bonus beats: NARC preorders get soundtrack

Midway to give away soundtrack with preorders for the $19.99 game; set list includes tunes from Curtis Mayfield and DMX.


Twenty bucks doesn't buy much these days, but don't tell Midway that. Not only is its upcoming Xbox and PlayStation 2 game, NARC, hitting shelves on March 22 for $19.99, but also Midway is giving away the soundtrack for the game with preorders, while supplies last. The two-disc set features 15 songs from the game, including 10 original hip-hop tracks from artists who contributed to Midway's NBA Ballers soundtrack. It also includes five classics, among them reefer anthem "Smoke Two Joints," by Toyes, the drug-dealing theme song "Pusherman," by Curtis Mayfield, and "Step On," from the drug-addled mind of Shaun Ryder and the Manchester band Happy Mondays. The deal is good at select retailers, including EB Games and GameStop. NARC is a remake of the arcade classic, which follows the story of two cops fighting an international drug cartel. Gamers can choose to play good cop or bad cop by turning in or stealing evidence, by saying "No!" or "Yes!" to drugs, and by interrogating perpetrators with questions or fists.

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