BloodRayne-based blades, clothes coming

United Cutlery, Ripple Junction will release sharp objects and clothes based on the vampiric franchise.


Some people just can't get enough of BloodRayne. The half-human, half-vampire Rayne has appeared in two Majesco games on multiple platforms, has shed more than a few pixels for Playboy magazine, and will get the game-to-screen treatment from director Uwe Boll next year. But for some, that's still not enough. For those fans whose lust for the redhead is fanatical, Majesco announces two new licensing deals with Ripple Junction and United Cutlery. Ripple Junction will create a branded line of replica clothing based on the franchise, for cosplayers who like their gaming-as-a-lifestyle a bit more on the goth side. And for those who think the atmosphere can't be properly captured without pointy objects, United Cutlery will release a limited edition collection of replica blades based on Rayne's weapons. No need to stock up on fake Dracula teeth yet, Majesco has not announced when the products will be available.

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