Blizzard raises $2.3 million for Sandy relief

Sales of World of Warcraft $10 Cinder Kitten pet going to American Red Cross' ongoing efforts to help those affected by October superstorm.


World of Warcraft

After the hurricane, Blizzard came to help. The World of Warcraft developer raised more than $2.3 million from sales of an in-game pet to support the American Red Cross' ongoing Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, the company has announced.

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World of Warcraft's $10 Cinder Kitten went on sale in December, with Blizzard promising to donate 100 percent of proceeds toward helping victims of the superstorm that ripped through the United States' East Coast in late October.

Many communities are still feeling the effects of Sandy, including Atlantic City, New Jersey. The city's famous boardwalk was devastated by the storm and is not due to be restored until Memorial Day at the earliest.

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