Black PS5s Are On Sale Now, But You Probably Won't Get One

A third-party store is selling a few hundred customized PS5 consoles modeled after the black-and-blue color scheme of the PS2.


Update: Following what SUP3R5 said were threats to its staff's safety, all orders on the consoles have been canceled. Those who already ordered one should be receiving a refund.

Original story follows ...

The PlayStation 5 represents a pretty bold design choice, with a curved space-age design and white fins along the sides. Fans have naturally assumed that an all-black model would be coming, matching the look of the last few PlayStation consoles, but Sony hasn't introduced one so far. You are able to order one now through a third-party company. However, they are in extremely limited supply, even for PS5 standards.

The store SUP3R5 is selling black consoles inspired by the design of the PS2. That means the white parts of the console and DualSense controller have been converted to black, and it sports retro coloring with the old PlayStation logo and the colors on the face buttons. The custom consoles went on sale today January 8, at 3 PM ET. However, you won't actually get the system until late spring.

It looks pretty slick, but you'll have to snag one quickly. The store has only produced 304 of the custom consoles, which will make them considerably harder to come by than even a standard retail PS5--which is already notoriously difficult to find. The console package includes a black DualSense controller, but custom controllers are also available to purchase separately with about 500 available. Sony has teased further DualSense controller color options will come, at some point.

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If you're lucky enough to snag one, you'll also be paying extra for the aesthetic satisfaction. The consoles are priced at $650 and $750 for the All-Digital and standard edition, respectively, a sharp increase from the $400 and $500 regular cost. The a la carte DualSense controllers are similarly pricey, at $100 up from $70.

And as always with custom hardware, there is the possibility that any of these modifications could void the warranty or lead to other unexpected issues, so buyer beware.

If you just want a regular old vanilla PS5, keep an eye on our PS5 restock guide. We're regularly updating as retailers add more supply, but it tends to go fast.

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