BioWare's New PC RPG Shadow Realms Could Come to Console

BioWare's Jeff Hickman says Shadow Realms could come to console if "fans want it," claiming game's use of Frostbite engine makes a port "straightforward."


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BioWare Austin's recently unveiled 4v1 PC RPG Shadow Realms could see a console release, according to the studio's general manager Jeff Hickman.

Speaking to GameSpot at Gamescom, Hickman was surprised by some early reports indicating the game was a PC exclusive, saying, "I saw some reports coming out yesterday saying [Shadow Realms] was exclusive to PC, which nobody ever said...there is nothing that says that if the fans want it, and everything goes well on PC, that we don't push it to console. It's a Frostbite game, so it's straightforward, and we can do it if we want to."

Hickman also described how the game's action focus would translate well to console, despite the game's primary development taking place on PC.

"We definitely are PC first," said Hickman. "PC is the tip of the spear for us. We find that this type of game really lends itself to PC. But when you see it, what I think you'll find is...imagine that there could be a controller hooked up to it. You will go, 'Oh, yeah!' because that's how it plays. This an action-RPG, not an MMO, not a pushing-buttons-on-your-keyboard slowly type of thing. This is sword swinging, dodging, blocking, dynamic action."

Revealed during EA's Gamescom press conference--and after weeks of teasing--Shadow Realms is an online-only RPG featuring cooperative 4v1 gameplay in a modern fantasy setting. Shadow Realms is due to launch on PC in late 2015, but interested players can sign up for access to a closed alpha over on the game's website.

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