BioWare Is Finally Selling Garrus Body Pillows On The Mass Effect Store

Everyone's favorite Turian from Mass Effect is ready to meet you in bed.


April Fools' day has come and gone, but amidst all the jokes came the reveal of a very real and very serious addition to the BioWare store's line of Mass Effect merchandise: Garrus Vakarian body pillow covers. While you'll have to supply your own pillow to fit inside the lengthy 20 x 53-inch cover, the item is a tastefully sultry representation of everyone's favorite Turian that doesn't veer off into Rule 34 territory.

If you're in the mood to snuggle up with a cotton space-cop, you can grab the body pillow cover right here on the BioWare store for $35.

Introduced all the way back in the first Mass Effect game, Garrus has been a fan-favorite character throughout his appearances in the original trilogy. Shepard's Citadel partner in the first game and a potential romance option for female Shepard in the second and third games, Garrus has always been a reliable ally. As a body pillow, at least he'll always be there for you when you need a comfy shoulder to lean on.

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If you'd prefer to revisit your adventures with Garrus, then May's release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will help reunite you with your beloved Normandy crew member. If that's still not enough Turian for you, a limited-edition Garrus Vakarian statue from BioWare should keep you satisfied.

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