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BioWare Holding Special Mass Effect Livestream Today [UPDATE: IT'S OVER]

[UPDATE] Stream has now ended.

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[UPDATE] The stream is now over. We captured some of the concept art BioWare revealed today and you can see those images here.

The original story is below.

Interested in learning about where BioWare's Mass Effect franchise may be headed in the future? Today could be your lucky day, as the developer will hold a special livestream event starting at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern / 6 PM UK where the developer is expected to talk about all things Mass Effect.

Today, after all, is November 7--or N7 Day. Last year on this date, BioWare released the first images of the upcoming Mass Effect game to mark the occasion. Who knows what will be in store this year. BioWare is only saying that the event will take the form of a developer roundtable.

We will update this post with the Twitch livestream shortly before it begins.

One thing that BioWare probably won't talk about during the event is the rumored Mass Effect Trilogy remake for current-generation consoles. BioWare Edmonton and Montreal general manager Aaryn Flynn poured cold water on that idea recently.

What we do know about the next Mass Effect game is that it leaves the story of Commander Shepard and the first three games behind. BioWare began teasing images from the new game in November 2013, and shortly thereafter we learned it is already playable. Overall, the next Mass Effect game is described as "fresh but recognizable."

We also know that producer Casey Hudson, who worked on the first three Mass Effect titles, won't have a hand in the fourth. He recently quit BioWare and is potentially working on a virtual reality project. Though he's no longer working at BioWare, Hudson has high hopes for the new Mass Effect game, saying in August that he thinks it will "redefine interactive entertainment."

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