BioShock: The Collection Blocks Streaming, 2K Doesn't Say Why

No streaming.


If you picked up BioShock: The Collection this week and tried to stream the game from your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you might have found it odd that the game does not allow this.

As spotted by Kotaku, publisher 2K has now acknowledged that the game does not support streaming, though it did not offer any specifics as to why this is. "Unfortunately, streaming BioShock: The Collection isn't an option right now," it said in a statement, adding that it would report back if this situation changes.

As Kotaku explains, while portions of some games are blocked from streaming, it is a rarity for an entire title to be cut off. We have followed up with 2K in an attempt to find out why the game doesn't allow streaming.

Enterprising gamers can find other ways to stream BioShock: The Collection, but for now at least, it looks like using each console's built-in streaming features is a no go.

BioShock: The Collection, which features remastered versions of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock: Infinite, came out on September 13 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC edition comes out today, September 15.

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The compilation was developed by Blind Squirrel Games, which collaborated with Irrational Games in the past for Infinite.

In other news about BioShock, designer Ken Levine recently talked about why he doesn't want to make any more games in the series. "I think the natural expectation was that I would go and do the next bigger and better BioShock game," he said. "And I felt, 'I think I'll fail if I do that. I think I'll lose my mind, and my marriage.' And so my solution was to quit."

Levine told Take-Two he would quit after Infinite came out, but he eventually stayed on to make a "smaller, more entrepreneurial" game, while Irrational Games has closed down. Levine's new game has not yet been announced, but he has teased that it features a small-scale open world.

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