BioShock submerged 'til August

Official site confirms transatlantic street dates for Irrational Games' aquatic adventure shooter.



BioShock was named GameSpot's Game of the Show at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it might get a chance to take home the same honor this July at that show's successor, the E3 Media Festival. The Cult of Rapture, one of Take-Two Interactive's official Web sites for BioShock, has nailed down street dates for the game's release in North America and Europe, both of them coming the month after the newly formatted trade show.

Gamers on Take-Two's side of the pond will be able to pick up BioShock on Tuesday, August 21, according to the site. However, European gamers will have to wait until that Friday, August 24, to delve into the game's murky depths.

Set for release on the Xbox 360 and PC, BioShock is a first-person shooter devoted solely to the single-player experience. In the game, players must investigate an undersea city called Rapture that was established by a collective of the best and the brightest, and get to the root of how it reached its current deserted and decaying state.

BioShock is being developed by Irrational Games (Freedom Force, System Shock 2) and has not yet been rated.

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