No MP for BioShock

Recently launched official site confirms the eagerly awaited 360/PC shooter will be single-player only when it arrives in June.



There's no question that BioShock is one of the most eagerly awaited titles of the year. Developed by Irrational Games and published by its seminew owner 2K Games, the title wowed critics at E3 2006, earning Game of the Show and Best Xbox 360 Game honors from GameSpot. (The submerged-world action game is also coming to PC when it washes up on US shores this June.)

Nope, no multiplayer modes down here!
Nope, no multiplayer modes down here!

However, now it appears the moody first-person shooter may lose some potential players. According to a Q&A on The Cult of Rapture, the recently launched BioShock community site, the game will not have any multiplayer modes, either offline or online.

"There will be no multiplayer...but for a very specific reason," read a post from site manager Elizabeth Tobey. "BioShock features a compelling storyline that revolves around the experiences of one man as he enters the decaying world of Rapture. Having a multiplayer component would have compromised the story we were trying to tell so we made the decision to keep this game as a single-player experience."

While disappointing on the multiplayer front, the Q&A did offer some new hope to BioShock fans. Both the 360 and PC versions of the game will "be exactly the same" and be updated by downloadable content a la The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Unfortunately, though, no demo for the game is currently planned.

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