BioShock LE innards dissected

Limited Edition of Irrational's PC, 360 game to feature Big Daddy figurine, "Making of" DVD, and soundtrack for $10 more.


Democracy was in action last month when gamers signed an online petition asking 2K Games to release a collector's edition of BioShock, the upcoming PC and Xbox 360 game from Irrational Games. Upon getting 5,000 signatures, 2K Games acquiesced and announced that it would release a special edition of the game, but did not mention what would be included. That decision was left up to the gamers, who voted in an online poll to determine the LE's contents.

Note: Figurine will be smaller and won't try to kill you.
Note: Figurine will be smaller and won't try to kill you.

Today, a 2K rep informed GameSpot not only of what will be included as goodies to the limited edition, but also how much it will cost gamers. Dubbed BioShock Limited Edition, the SKU will set back gamers an extra $10 ($59.99 for the PC version, $69.99 for the Xbox 360 version) and be available exclusively at GameStop and EB Games outlets in the US and Canada. 2K Games has not yet detailed the release of the LE in other territories.

In addition to the requisite "Making of" DVD and special packaging with original art, the BioShock LE will come with the game's soundtrack and a figurine of a Big Daddy (pictured), one of the game's characters.

BioShock is scheduled for release this August. For more information, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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