Bill Murray to Appear on Links Box

Access Software has signed Murray to an endorsement deal worth... maybe a few hundred?


April 1 - Distraught over losing the bidding war for Tiger Woods to EA, Access Software, the publisher and developer of Links LS, signed another golf celebrity to an endorsement deal: Bill Murray.

An Access spokesperson said, "Bill fits the image we want to convey with future Links games. Don't get us wrong. Palmer and Woods are great golfers. But they're not nearly as endearing to golf fans as good ol' Bill."

Access plans to video capture Murray, aka Greenskeeper Carl, in the same garb he wore for the popular Caddy Shack movie: a worn cloth cap, baggy shorts, and rubber boots. "I think it's great," says Murray. "I can't wait to get in the studio. I've never been in a game before... well, not one I'd care to mention."

Access would not disclose the amount it will pay Murray, but experts estimate it at several tens of dollars. "You know, a buck's a buck," Murray confesses. "I do all those lousy celebrity golf events already, acting like a clown up and down the fairways. You think I like hugging and kissing smelly old women? At least I don't have to do that for the golf game... do I?"

Murray will repeat many lines from Caddy Shack for the game, except the one where he mentions Augusta. "We can't say that. You know, legal stuff," said the spokesperson.

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