Big Week for TalonSoft

Metal Fatigue, the mech RTS, and Dogs of War, a tactical combat game, ship this week.


Metal Fatigue

TalonSoft has announced it is shipping two sci-fi real-time strategy titles this week, Metal Fatigue and Dogs of War. Metal Fatigue is an RTS that puts giant mechs on the battlefield beside tanks, jets, and other conventional arms. The game's other innovations include modular unit design, which lets you reconfigure your combots in the field, and three battlefield levels, so combat can occur simultaneously in orbit, on the surface, and underground. TalonSoft picked up Metal Fatigue last month from the original publisher, Psygnosis, which closed its US operations earlier this year.

Dogs of War takes a decidedly more tactical approach. The game pits three sides - the elite Imperial Order, the insectoid Mantai, and the mercenary WarMonkeys - against each other in a vicious border war. Without resource management to consider, players can focus entirely on maneuvering their troops across the large-scale battlefields.

Look for GameSpot reviews of both games this week.

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