Big in Japan Jan 9-15: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga

Recent bundle of famous strategy RPG series bumps Nintendo racer from top spot; console sales experiencing post-holiday slump.


Namco Bandai has won Japanese gamers over with a rerelease of a Super Robot Taisen title, a franchise that combines strategy role-playing gameplay with mechas from popular anime and manga culture. The latest game in the series took out the top spot in sales for January 9, according to the recent Media Creates chart update.

Strategy RPG + robots = recipe for success.
Strategy RPG + robots = recipe for success.

The Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Masou Kishin I & II bundle for the PSP knocked Mario Kart 7 off pole position with 81,996 units sold on its debut week. Meanwhile, Nintendo sold 52,266 units of Mario Kart 7 and 40,154 units of Super Mario 3D Land. Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS was placed third with 44,644 units sold.

Other new titles on the list include Spirit Camera and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy for the 3DS. The former is a spiritual successor to the Fatal Frame series where gamers have to escape a haunted house and defeat ghosts using their mystical cameras. Spirit Camera was at seventh place with 16,351 units sold. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy is an entirely new flight simulator title that sticks to the mechanics of past Ace Combat titles. The 3DS title was at ninth place with 12,819 units sold.

On the hardware front, the 3DS and PlayStation Vita experienced big drops on the post-holiday week. Nintendo sold 100,668 units of the 3DS, while Sony sold 18,361 units of the PS Vita. For comparison, Nintendo and Sony sold 240,819 and 42,915 units of their respective consoles on the last Media Creates update. Sony managed to sell 30,332 units of the PlayStation 3 and 22,538 units of the PSP.

Rank/Title/Publisher/Platform/Unit sales
1. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin I & II / Namco Bandai / PSP / 81,996
2. Mario Kart 7 / Nintendo / 3DS / 52,266
3. Monster Hunter 3G / Capcom / 3DS / 44,644
4. Super Mario 3D Land / Nintendo / 3DS / 40,154
5. Inazuma Eleven Go / Level-5 / 3DS / 20,777
6. Musou Orochi 2 / Tecmo Koei / PS3 / 20,409
7. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir / Nintendo / 3DS / 16,351
8. Final Fantasy XIII-2 / Square Enix / PS3 / 14,407
9. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy / Namco Bandai / 3DS / 12,819
10. Just Dance Wii / Nintendo / Wii / 12,370

3DS – 100,668
PS3 – 30,332
PSP – 22,538
PS Vita – 18,361
Wii – 14,179
DSi XL – 1,515
Xbox 360 – 1,519
DSi – 1,206
PS2 - 766

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