Bewitched Is Getting A Movie Reboot

The new film may wind up owing a small debt to WandaVision.


Bewitched, the fantasy sitcom that first debuted on ABC in the 1960s, is getting another crack at a revival with a newly announced film reboot, according to Deadline. Sony has reportedly given the greenlight to a film version of the classic TV series, which will be written by Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, who worked together on the MacGyver and 12 Monkeys series.

In 2005, the classic sitcom was previously made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. Whereas that version received poor reviews and opened to middling box office numbers, all that's known about this film reboot is that it "will be different… the [original] series, in which a witch marries an advertising exec and then tries to hide her powers and her crazy relatives who drop in often" will be the jumping off point.

It is entirely plausible that this new version will enjoy a lift and benefit from greater interest due to the series recently getting an homage on WandaVision. Deadline is also drawing the parallel that the original Bewitched premise, in which a wife has to hide her true identity from her husband, "lends itself to a contemporary setting."

On a similar tack, Tim Burton is teaming with Netflix to make a live-action series revisiting The Addams Family--that beloved comedy-horror series both debuted on ABC in September 1964.

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