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Best Gaming Chair Deals For Cyber Monday 2020

Cyber Monday is a great time to upgrade your office chair into a gaming chair with these great deals.


Cyber Monday 2020 deals are in full swing. While most people associate TVs, game consoles, and other major electronics with Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, furniture is another big-ticket purchase that makes perfect sense to pick up during the biggest shopping event of the year. If you've been wanting to upgrade your regular old office chair with a gaming chair, now is the perfect time.

There are tons of affordable gaming chair options available around the web today, but if you're looking to spend big on something more high-end, the Secretlab Cyber Monday sale is also offering discounts on some of the most popular gaming chairs on the market. While Cyber Monday looks a bit different in 2020, with most of last week's Black Friday sales leading directly into Cyber Monday, the online deals certainly haven't slowed down, so there's bound to be a Cyber Monday sale that has what you need.

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Black Friday 2020 gaming chair deals

Find some of the best Black Friday gaming chair deals below, including high-end options, rocker chairs, and ergonomic chairs. Plus, see the Secretlab gaming chair Cyber Monday 2020 sale for more deals--some of the absolute best gaming chairs you can buy are getting big discounts.

The best gaming chairs and what to look for

For more gaming chair options, be sure to check out our guide to the best budget gaming chairs under $200, which also covers what to look for in a gaming chair. In a nutshell, a good gaming chair is generally better than a cheap office chair, but only if it features a supportive ergonomic design and prioritizes comfort over flashiness. When gaming for long hours (not really recommended, but it happens), you want a chair with good lumbar support and head/neck support. Having a lumbar cushion or backrest to support your lower back and a headrest to support your head will promote a healthy posture. Height adjustment is also an essential feature, and you might also want something with adjustable tilt, swivel, and a comfortable seat. Really fancy gaming chairs might come with something like an extendable footrest, which is another ergonomic design feature recommended by the Mayo Clinic, but looking for an office chair that comes with this might be overkill. You're better off just picking up an under desk foam footrest, especially if you spend long hours in front of the computer.

As far as looks go, leather and fake leather are sleeker, but keep in mind these materials can wear out pretty fast, especially if you're on your computer for long periods every day. It helps to invest in a good cushion or seat cover. If you're not looking for a PC gaming chair but rather something for console gaming on the big screen, you might want to buy a rocker-style chair. Regardless, comfort is the most important factor in a gaming chair. Everyone is different, so what's comfortable for one person might cause issues for another.

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