Be the First to See OlliOlli2's Final Level, Titan Sky

GameSpot’s exclusive first look at what developer Roll7 is calling the “last voyage of the skater”.

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The final level of OlliOlli2 takes place on a dystopian world suspended in the sky, and GameSpot can offer an exclusive first look in the video above.

Christened as Titan Sky, the stage is described by its creators at Roll7 as the “last voyage of the skater”. Players will need to spin, flip and grind their way through a colossal production line of gargantuan robots, avoiding the more immediate hazards of toxic waste barrels and pools of lime radioactive sludge.

"The feel of Titan Sky is unique; floating multilevel structures, industrial equipment, radioactive obstacles"

Lead artist Manual Harari

The team says the overall look of Titan Sky is inspired by a whole range of sci-fi films, from Pacific Rim to Blade Runner to even The Iron Giant. This multi-layered skate circuit is the fifth and final world in OlliOlli 2, sequel to the breakthrough skater first released on PS Vita in January 2014.

Commercial and critical success for the original OlliOlli, which was awarded GameSpot’s Game of The Month, helped spur the developer to port the project onto PlayStation 4 and PC. Plans are also in place to release the first game to Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

For now, the sequel is a timed PlayStation exclusive, and Roll7 is looking to differentiate it from its predecessor by offering more extreme, multi-tiered worlds. Along with Titan Sky, OlliOlli2 takes players through levels such as the Hollywood-aping "OlliWood", followed by stages such as "Curse of the Aztec", the Wild West-themed "Gunmetal Creek", and a post-apocalyptic abandoned theme park called "Carnival of the Dead".

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Lead artist Manual Harari says the aim for Titan Sky was "to capture a completely different type of film world".

"The feel of Titan Sky is unique; floating multilevel structures, industrial equipment, radioactive obstacles, amongst others. I really liked designing the robots too, they are made of modules so you can mix details to create new ones quickly, and we can make parts of them grindable or obstacles."

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita later this year.

Look below for brand new images of the Titan Sky level.

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