Batwoman Season 2 Trailer Arrives As Javicia Leslie Suits Up As The New Caped Crusader

Ryan Wilder is ready to be the hero Gotham needs in our first look at Batwoman Season 2


The CW's Batwoman may have faced an unexpected hitch when Season 1 star Ruby Rose left her role as Kate Kane, but a new Caped Crusader has arrived to take her place: Javicia Leslie is Ryan Wilder, and Season 2 of the show will introduce her stepping into the Batwoman role with her own sense of energy and style.

Take a look at Wilder in action for the season's first trailer, where she modifies the iconic costume to suit her brand new style and faces a threat from Kate Kane's past.

Season 2 of Batwoman will center around two major storylines. The first is uncovering the mystery of what actually happened to Kate Kane, who is now missing. The second is Wilder stepping into the role of Batwoman to save the city in her stead. Wilder is an entirely new character for the DC Universe, having never appeared in the comics prior to her TV debut. The trailer offers some hints as to how she will pick up the mantle and some of the fallout she may face from Kate's former allies and enemies.

Batwoman Season 2 premieres on The CW January 17.

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