Battlefield 4 PC bug causing game to freeze, enter sound loop

PC players having a rough time at the moment, but DICE is working on a fix.

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A bug affecting the PC version of Battlefield 4 is currently causing the game to freeze for some users, resulting in a sound loop. Developer DICE acknowledged the issue on the Battlelog and said it is currently working on a fix.

Bugs of this nature can be particularly frustrating because they force you to restart your game, and the sound loop only adds to the headache. DICE says it will have more information to share regarding the implementation of a fix at a later date.

The Battlefield 4 PC bug is not the only issue the game is facing today. According to the Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker, DICE is currently investigating a total of seven issues affecting various platforms. Issues affecting all platforms currently include sudden frame-rate drops, rubber banding issues for players with solid connections, and some instances where damage is not applied to enemies.

Electronic Arts chief creative officer Richard Hilleman recently defended Battlefield 4's rocky launch, saying, "I think there was a lot of noise about the game, but some of that is a function of your surface area. The more customers you have, the more noise becomes available. We did things wrong. We know that. We're gonna fix those things. We're gonna try to be smart about what customers want in the future."

The Battlefield 4: Second Assault expansion launched this week for Battlefield 4 Premium members. It includes four fan-favorite Battlefield 3 maps updated using the Frostbite 3 game engine. Check out a preview of the expansion below.

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