Battlefield 3, Theme Park iOS games inbound - Report

Portable versions of Electronic Arts' shooter and resource management titles arriving on Apple devices later this year, says UK mobile site.


In late July, Electronic Arts reported its latest quarterly earnings, saying 20 percent of total revenue came from its digital sector. The publisher will look to grow that business later this year, when it releases Battlefield 3 and Theme Park for iOS devices, according to The Pocket Gamer.

Battlefield 3 is coming to iOS devices, it seems.
Battlefield 3 is coming to iOS devices, it seems.

The report doesn't offer anything in the way of details concerning either game, but it did note that EA will reportedly talk more about each at Gamescom 2011 next week. An EA representative told GameSpot, "We don't comment on rumors."

Battlefield 3 arriving on iOS devices comes as little surprise, as its predecessor Battlefield: Bad Company 2 graced Apple's mobile devices. That version included a single-player component, as well as online functionality. As for Theme Park, that game was developed by Peter Molyenux's Bullfrog Productions, published by Electronic Arts, and released in 1994.

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