Battlefield 2 to storm PCs in spring 2005

[UPDATE] DICE reveals that the "next generation" of the Battlefield PC franchise will feature modern weapons and vehicles.


Today, in a Swedish-language press release, Digital Illusions CE (aka DICE) announced the successor to Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam. Currently carrying the working title of Battlefield 2, the PC shooter will be published by Electronic Arts under an agreement signed last year.

"Battlefield 2 builds on a new technical platform which will take us into the next generation of PC games," said DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund. Söderlund also said players of the game would notice a "marked improvement" in graphics and gameplay.

Battlefield 2 will be a different product from Battlefield: Modern Combat, the PlayStation 2 title announced last week. However, both games will feature the same three superpowers--China, the United States, and the newly formed Middle Eastern Coalition. Each power will have its own set of modern weapons and vehicles. The American arsenal will include the M4 assault rifle with the M203 grenade launcher, the Abrams tank, the Apache helicopter, and the Humvee.

According to DICE, Battlefield 2 will be released in spring 2005. GameSpot will have more details on this game as they become available.

[UPDATE] EA has since released an English-language press release with more details on the game.

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