Battlefield 2 gets first patch

Update v1.01 fixes multiplayer browser issues, adds GameSpot GameCenter support.


Electronic Arts has released the first update for its popular military shooter, Battlefield 2. Available on GameSpot DLX, the update addresses several major problems spotlighted by feedback from the BF2 community.

Foremost among the additions in BF2 Update v1.01 is an update to the multiplayer browser that adds functionality and buttons to make finding an open game easier. The patch also addresses issues "users have encountered involving zero ping servers or browser hangs," according to EA.

The BF2 Update v1.01 also fixes an issue that made some game controls unavailable to be rebound within the options menu, in addition to fixing a crash issued users experienced when rebinding the left mouse button to commands.

The patch also enables command line joining, which means Battlefield 2 is now supported in GameCenter, GameSpot's new premium gaming service. For those who'd like to play on ranked servers but can't find quality servers that aren't full, GameCenter offers the unique ability to start up ranked servers without paying the hefty monthly fee usually associated with private server hosting. New or existing GameSpot Complete members can sign up for the Sneak Peek for free, as well as immediately download the GameCenter application.

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