Battlefield 1 Open Beta Begins Very Soon, Impressive New Trailer Released

Battlefield Insiders get in early.


Eager to try out DICE's upcoming World War I shooter, Battlefield 1? You don't have much longer to wait.

DICE announced today that the military shooter's open beta will begin on August 31 across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. As announced previously, Battlefield Insiders get to play early--you have until August 21 to sign up to receive early access.

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DICE hasn't officially confirmed how much sooner Insiders will get to play, but it's believed to be three days. The developer also said today that Insiders need to select their platform preference for the beta right away, or else they won't get a code to play early.

As for what's included in the Battlefield 1 beta, there will be one map--Sinai Desert--which is located in a place called El-Jifar. This map supports a wide range of gameplay, including boots-on-the-ground skirmishes and dogfights in the sky. This map's "Behemoth" vehicle is an armored train.

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Two modes are playable in the Battlefield 1 beta and they are some of the franchise's most popular ones: Conquest (64 players) and Rush (24 players). There is no word on when the beta will end.

A new Battlefield 1 trailer has also been released, showing off what is presumably the Sinai Desert map. The impressive video features in-game footage, highlighting horse-based combat, aerial fights, and the destructive power of the train.

Be sure to stick through to the end, as there is a tease for what looks like Battlefield 1's campaign mode. A character says, "The legend of Lawrence of Arabia dies tonight." A woman is on the ground and her assailant is apparently about to kill her, but the shot ends with the woman killing the man.

Lead designer Daniel Berlin previously teased that Battlefield 1's single-player campaign may follow multiple different characters. It "will focus on different stories and different personalities across the world," he said in an interview.

One of the playable characters will be the Bedouin woman warrior from the announcement trailer and this new video released today.

Battlefield 1 comes out on October 21 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, but there are multiple ways to play it early.

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