Battlefield 1 Launching Test Server On PC

The Community Test Environment is headed to PC and possibly PS4 and Xbox One later.


DICE has announced a new feature for Battlefield 1 on PC. The Community Test Environment, which is a branch of servers containing game elements that are not yet released publicly, is coming to the World War I shooter. This is no big surprise, as predecessors Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 had their own CTEs.

In a post on Battlefield 1's website, DICE said Battlefield 1's CTE will house "new features, improved/changed content, and experiments that aren't yet (and may never be) ready for public release."

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The idea is to involve the public sooner so as to gather feedback and make changes as needed before pushing out an update for everyone. Other big-name games, such as Overwatch and The Division, also do this with their own testing servers.

DICE will give out codes to "select" community members and "Battlefield veterans" for entry into the CTE. Everyone else can register for a chance to get in using the Battlefield Companion app on PC and mobile.

Right now, the Battlefield 1 CTE is only available on PC, though DICE said it hopes to launch the CTE for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One eventually. Nothing is confirmed, however. You need to own the $50 Battlefield 1 premium pass to get in to the CTE on any platform.

In other Battlefield 1 news, the game's first paid expansion, They Shall Not Pass, is scheduled to come out in March. Last week, DICE revealed everything it comes with, including four maps, more weapons, a new mode, and more.

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