Battlefield 1 Dev "Blown Away" By Positive Reaction to Announcement

"We thank the amazing Battlefield community for making the Battlefield 1 announcement one of the biggest reveal events this year."

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Battlefield 1's announcement event last week was a momentous, record-breaking occasion for EA and developer DICE. Today, EA shared some specifics that speak to how the announcement was received. Additionally, Battlefield's global community manager has spoken out to say the team has been "blow away" by the positive reaction from fans to the announcement.

First, the numbers. Last Friday's livestream announcement event attracted some 2.1 million views, with 505,000 peak concurrent viewers. This is good for the "largest game reveal" so far in 2016. With E3 right around the corner, this record may not stand up for too much longer, however.

"EA has been a power user of Twitch for years, spanning everything from events to showcasing their latest games," Twitch senior manager of partnerships John Imah said in a statement. "As a result of their strong relationship with our community, we witnessed over half a million users tune in for Battlefield 1, establishing an impressive 2016 concurrent viewership record for a single game reveal. This new milestone--which is one of the biggest reveals to date--reflects both the high level of excitement for Battlefield and the growing audience on Twitch."

On YouTube, Battlefield 1's announcement video reached 20.6 million views in its first 72 hours. By comparison, the announcement trailer for DICE's other recent big game, Star Wars Battlefront, took a year to reach 23 million view. Battlefield 1's video also has more than 1.1 million likes, with only 20,000 dislikes; that comes out to a .01 percent negative reaction. The video was also trending on YouTube on Sunday.

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Speaking of trends, EA said #Battlefield was a top-trending topic on Friday and made it into the Twitter Moments section. The publisher also mentioned that press wrote 3,370 articles about Battlefield 1 in the first 72 hours after its announcement.

Battlefield global community manager Dan Mitre thanked fans for their support, also mentioning that DICE will share more details on Battlefield 1 at EA's E3 event in June.

"Everyone at DICE and across EA are totally blown away by the awesome reaction gamers have had to Battlefield 1," Mitre said. "Last week, we pulled back the veil to show everyone what we've been working on, and we bore witness to incredible support from fans.

"We thank the amazing Battlefield community for making the Battlefield 1 announcement one of the biggest reveal events this year. Up next is EA Play where the game will be hands-on playable for industry and fans in both LA and London. We can't wait for everyone to experience it for themselves."

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, though people with an EA/Origin Access membership or those who pick up the deluxe edition can get in on October 18. Additionally, a beta will be held sometime before launch.

In other news, Battlefield 1's announcement trailer is the most-liked trailer on YouTube, while Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's is the most disliked. Additionally, DICE has confirmed the game will have a server browser, while it's also been announced that some of the game is set in the Italian Alps.

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Avatar image for CaptWaffle

Always preferred the larger-scale longer-life games like Red Orchestra, Battlefield, even Dust 514 was cool, albeit not perfect. Titanfall was decently swish, too. Never did play Hardline..... i usually wait and buy budget which with pvp often means the player base has decayed.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

such away! very blow!

Avatar image for RogerioFM

Well, we all love horses, so it's no surprise it got positive reaction.

Avatar image for GregoryBastards

It doesnt really matter....both will get their asses kicked by Overwatch.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@GregoryBastards: AHAHAHAHahAHAHAHA!

Avatar image for baldy_nohairs

I loved the trailer and for the first time I am more stoked for a BF game over CoD.

But people need to remember that EA publishes this game. I shouldn't have to say anymore. Regardless, I'm probably gonna buy it over CoD... it just may take 6 months after release to buy it tho.

Avatar image for laytonoid

I won't buy it unless it has at least 8 maps at launch. None of this 4 map BS that battlefront brought. I will be severely disappointed if this game isn't done right.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@laytonoid: Dont they usually have like 12-16?

Avatar image for ThePlantain

You have the community's attention, please don't mess this up. Thanks.

Avatar image for edgeofelysium

How is the dev "blown away" by this?? You gave people what they wanted...what did you think was going to happen?

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

Most of the dislikes for COD are troll dislikes anyway .. I belt half the people disliking don't play COD .. I don't play COD nor have I disliked the trailer .. I am however loving what I seeing/hearing about BF1 .. Definite pre-order for me .. must have this day one !!

Avatar image for REDShadowG

Hearing about EA doing well scares the living guts out of me.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@REDShadowG: If that's what it takes to scare you .. probably shouldn't leave the house .. ever !!

Avatar image for REDShadowG

@ltjohnnyrico: You would understand if your gaming "horizon" would include any other game genre that is not a shallow first person shooter.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@REDShadowG: EA publishes great games.

Avatar image for REDShadowG

@SythisTaru: I cringed.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@REDShadowG: I play lots of Games .. still not scared by EA doing well. Far more scary things in the world !

Avatar image for mprince131

@REDShadowG: Perhaps you should give them a chance to prove themselves. EA Access is one of the best services in all of games, and they have not had a bad PR event in recent memory. I say gamers let their issues with EA go unless EA gives you a reason not to.

Avatar image for REDShadowG

@mprince131: They've given me plenty of reason for years now but DA: Inquisition really ruined it for me.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

@REDShadowG: But it's EA doing well with fresh and interesting new ideas, so ... yay ?

Avatar image for REDShadowG

@R4gn4r0k: We'll see.

Avatar image for drocdoc

EA eyes are glowing green

There gonna milk the f*** out of us with DLC and micros-transactions

Avatar image for slypher9

still not buying it over cod.. battlefield moves too slow for my liking

Avatar image for n00bsla3r66

@slypher9: so you would rather buy an unrealistic chaotic "shooter" over a game that ACTUALLY requires strategy and teamwork

Avatar image for hystavito

@slypher9: Well at least we can expect they'll somehow manage to make WW1 faster than both BF3 and BF4.

Avatar image for eternaldragonx1

Give gamers what they have been asking for and they applaud the effort...shocking I know

Avatar image for kee1haul

A great man once said 'give the people what they want'.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@kee1haul: Hitler said that at one time too !!

Avatar image for ixilion

I wonder how much of it were from BF fans and CoD haters...well, I do think most people just want something new instead of the same old stuff that's been prevalent for quite some time. Should be interesting to see how both of these games does on release day.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03

Just wait until the game releases. Liking the BF1 trailer, while simultaneously and almost unanimously disliking the COD Infinite Warfare trailer has become a trend, and most people, I suspect, are simply playing along. When the actual game comes out the gate of hate, so to speak, will be opened. Ah, gamers these days.

Avatar image for RicanV

As of now:

-The BF 1 Reveal trailer sits at 23,281,288 views, 1,248,392 likes and 22,591 dislikes. Published 05/06/16.

-The COD Reveal trailer sits at 16,329,302 views, 298,663 likes and 1,621,272 dislikes. Published 05/02/16.

Interesting feedback. Although there is a considerable amount of troll dislikes and anti-hype dislikes for the COD video.

Avatar image for SprSynJn

@RicanV: Sad thing is COD will sell much more due to the casual appeal of it. Well, sad if you prefer Battlefield I suppose.

Avatar image for kee1haul

@RicanV: agreed the anti Cod is just on a train right now. Point must be taken though, the people wanted to go back. Activision didn't listen until there was only enough time to ship in a CoD4 remaster. My dislike was more to do with the rip off price just to get that remaster.

Avatar image for Attitude2000

@kee1haul: It is basically a running gag at this point. Also, as Paul Tassi pointed out, there is no way all those dislikes are just people at YouTube clicking the dislike button.

Avatar image for asneakypoptart

And it's well deserved. Good on DICE for figuring out we'd be tired of futuristic shooters by now. It also doesn't help that the trailer for CoD was just terribly put together. I turned it off half way through.

Avatar image for Razor10000

bf was my favorite franchise but i realy disliked bf3 gameplay like lock on weapons and post processing effects like lens flares, that is why i stopped buying bf games after bf3.

last gen bc2 was a great game but bf1943 was the most fun bf game i played last gen and still play today when there is players online(it´s a old game), so it´s good to see bf going ww1 this time.

Avatar image for SkytheWiz1

Make it as diverse as previous Battlefields (Bad Company, 3, and 4) and not watered down like Battlefront (very few maps, no attachments, 2-person squads), and it'll do well.

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