Battleborn's Multiplayer Is Now Free

Free is a nice price.


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2K and Gearbox today announced and released a free trial for Battleborn, giving people the opportunity to play all of the multiplayer "without any limits or level caps."

In the free version, you have access to a rotating group of six heroes (there are 30 in all), as well as all the gameplay modes and maps. Progression for each character is permanently applied, so when it comes back into rotation, you can keep playing and not have to start again.

New players will be grouped today so they won't have to compete with veterans right away. Once you reach rank 20, you'll move out of the Novice Queue and can play with everyone else.

People who purchased Battleborn before today are upgraded to Founder status, which comes with in-game currency and flair; you can read more about the Founders pack here on the Battleborn blog.

You can download Battleborn's free trial through the links below.

All the details about Battleborn's free-to-play conversion can be found here.

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