Batman: Arkham Origins shows off Mr. Freeze DLC in new 5 minute video

Chill out and watch this new footage of the Batman: Arkham Origins Cold, Cold Heart DLC.


It's snow joke: Warner Bros. has released a 5 minute video (above) showing off its incoming Cold, Cold Heart DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins.

The new content revolves around the frosty Mr. Freeze and an unnamed accomplice, who crashes a party at Wayne Manor, making it very difficult for Bruce Wayne and his guests to chill out. Enter Batman, who has a new thermal suit including thermal gloves that can melt through this new influx of ice. There's some new batarang and combat moves too, which is cool.

Seeing this video will almost certainly trigger a cold response from those who are victims of the game-breaking Arkham Origins bugs, mind, as Warner Bros. has said it has no plans to release a patch.

Cold, Cold Heart will be released on April 22 PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Plans to release the DLC on Wii U were put on ice.

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