Batman: Arkham Knight Devs Talk About Batman's Suit, Predator Challenges, and More

Rocksteady talk about writing Arkham Knight and new additions to the series.


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Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady held a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday where they answered some questions about the upcoming game as well as their previous entries in the series.

Reddit user dart278 asked why Batman's suit looks more robotic than it did in previous games.

RockSteady: "We wanted to highlight the interaction between Batman and the Batmobile - you'll see that the suit mirrors the design of the car in a lot of ways. The new suit impacts gameplay as well, as it enhances some of Batman's abilities, particularly in the way the Batman and the car work together."

ANBU_Spectre asked if Rocksteady added new combat moves and animations we didn't see in the previous games.

Rocksteady: "Zafer Coban and the rest of the animation team have been doing some amazing work on making combat look and feel awesome. For example, there's a scene toward the end of the Ace Chemicals Infiltration Part 1 Trailer where Batman faces off against two combat experts. Everything in that shot is taken straight from the game - we just shifted the camera to get a slightly more cinematic angle."

DanishxAssassin asked what's what's Rocksteady's favorite new addition to the game outside the batmobile.

Rocksteady: "It has to be the open city - now that we've got all of Gotham to explore it's a great experience. The City design team here has done an amazing job building an environment that's huge and intricately detailed. The detail in Arkham games was always my favourite thing about playing them before I joined Rocksteady, and it's awesome that the guys have managed to keep that level of care on something so much bigger."

Chilldude205 asked what changes Rocksteady made the game's Predator Challenges.

Rocksteady: "I think my favourite tweak to predator has to be size of some of the encounters. You're going to be taking on large, varied groups of armed guards. You'll need to be a serious predator expert if you want to complete those sections without alerts."

SPOILER ALERT for Batman: Arkham City ahead.

FogKnight22 asked if was harder to write the story for Arkham Knight given the events of Arkham City.

RockSteady: "I think it's quite the opposite! Sefton has said that when they started work on Batman: Arkham City, they had the vision of the final scene Joker's death almost from the start, and looked at the story from the perspective of the events that would lead to that point.

"With Batman: Arkham Knight, that ending is the point that we jump off from, asking 'what happens when Joker is removed from Gotham' and looking at the fallout from those events."

Finally, Rocksteady said it will release a new trailer for the game on Monday, 9 a.m. PST.

Arkham Knight launches in June 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game was originally targeted to launch this fall, but developer Rocksteady pushed it back to add more polish.

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